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W&k offers the latest advances medical consumables and infection contronl to all professionals in the healthcare industry. Since its establish in 1999, Wk has grown to become a worldwide company by finding leading-edge, cost-effective solutions to the ever-changing safety and comfort needs of our customers.

Our team's main goal is to offer quality products with competitive pricing and to be flexible to our clients needs.

Disposable non-woven masks are mainly used for end use in hospitals, clinics, industrial protection, food factory protection with disposable non-woven products.

We offer a wide range of mask,respitator,face shiled for the medical,industrial field. We have US, European FDA and CE certificates. Expect small and medium wholesalers to communicate with us!

Offering OEM solutions for disposable non-woven masks

Hygiene - Distribution Speed - Price Advantages

Since Covid-19, disposable surgical and medical masks have been hard to come by. Initially, hospitals needed all surgical and medical disposable masks, but supplies have caught up. Unfortunately, there are not many disposable masks made in the United States. So disposable masks in the United States are not a cheap option. They currently sell for $1-$2, but you're not smart to buy in bulk for that price either.


Non-Woven Surgical Mask

We are a manufacturer of protective masks in China, we offer bulk buying and OEM of non-woven masks for businesses, online stores, brand owners, professional importers, small wholesalers, etc. You just need to submit to us the quantity you need or you want to know our offers, simple one step to meet your needs!

Masks for micron particle protection - Disposable surgical masks

Disposable surgical masks are not intended to replace the need for FDA-approved surgical masks or FDA-approved or authorized respirators. Does not contain antibacterial or antiviral properties.


Tie-On Medical Mask

Weikang surgical masks provide effective protection against micron-sized debris such as dust, allergens, smoke and fine particles. If you want to protect your employees with personal protection, the science of meltblown polypropylene material creates a more effective barrier than any cotton mask.

Dust protection


Pollen protection

Smoke protection

Bulk masks for sale

It is difficult to find places online to buy masks in bulk. Especially bulk masks for sale that are made in the USA. If you are an office manager or event coordinator, then you will need disposable masks in bulk. weikang has done the hard work to get you to come across bulk masks including surgical, medical and disposable. The benefit of buying in bulk is that when you buy more, the price per mask goes down. Order from us through our mask list or ask questions!


KN95 Protective Mask

It costs more to buy the required number of masks from a US mask manufacturer than it does from a Chinese mask manufacturer, so buying Chinese made masks in bulk is the most cost effective option! We support air freight to your city, with delivery times just like you would if you were buying on Amazon, so do you need 50 cases (100,000 units) or 100 cases (200,000 units)? Or do you need a small quantity?

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