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W&K Offers a wide ranges of HEAD CAP for the food process industry &Medical,healthcare filed.

Specify size when ordering: 18", 21", 24", 28"

Specify color when ordering: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink

Low-cost OEM Medical Bouffant Caps solutions for companies

Color-coded department or assembly line with colored Bouffant Hair Caps

Weikang's colored disposable non-woven Bouffant Hair Caps provide hygienic protection for a clean work environment. The colored hair caps are ideal for department or assembly line coding. The non-woven Bouffant Hair Caps are lightweight, cool and comfortable to wear. It is ideal for food service, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and electronics manufacturing. They keep hair away from the face and eyes while maintaining a hygienic work environment. Can accommodate different amounts of hair. The price list for any size of Bouffant Hair Caps is available within 12 hours!

Colored Bouffant Caps

Colored Bouffant Caps

What are Bouffant Hair Caps used for?

Bouffant Hair Caps are loose fitting caps that are usually secured around the head with an elastic band. Bouffant Hair Caps can be used in salons and spas to retain the product in the hair for a period of time, after the application of a volumizing agent in a clean room to prevent particle production. 

With a comfortable design, Bouffant Hair Caps provide you with the best protection against contamination in food processing facilities, laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical and general industrial environments that your employees will appreciate. Many industries require the use of hair covers to prevent particles from coming into contact with products or equipment. 

To ensure comfortable all-day wear, materials such as 100% non-woven material are known for being lightweight and breathable while your head remains comfortable and protected. The elastic headband wraps securely around your head to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, they effectively keep hair out of your eyes and away from your work area. 

We conveniently offer a variety of sizes so you can find the one that fits you best. When choosing a size, remember that the size you need depends on the volume of your hair; more hair coverage means you need more volume.

Keep your head coverings organized with a fluff dispenser. Mount them on the wall or place them on a table or desk for easy access.

What are puffs made of?

Nonwoven is a good material to use for fluffing because it's a lightweight and secure fabric that fits securely around the wearer's head and protects key components of your business.  

When a heavy-duty Bouffant Cap is required, our Non-Woven Caps are perfect for situations where a dry particle barrier and fluid repellency are needed. Made of SPP non-woven and SMS materials, they are strong and durable, providing excellent protection and outstanding breathability. They also won't shed lint and are highly resistant to tears and punctures.

Non-Woven Cap

Non-Woven Cap

Is disposable fluff a type of personal protective equipment (PPE)?

Yes, disposable puffy hoods are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Puffy caps are used in medical settings and typically have a spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS) material. SMS is a strong physical barrier with high tensile strength despite its light weight.

Wearers will appreciate the soft material, comfort, breathability and maneuverability. SMS material repels water and blocks the entry of bacteria, blood, mucus and other non-hazardous fluids. Choose a hood size that fits most employees and remember that our hoods are 100% latex-free to eliminate the possibility of latex allergies. 

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