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Wholesale Surgical Mask

W&k provides the latest in medical supplies and infection control to all professionals in the healthcare industry. Since its founding in 1999, Wk has evolved into a global company by finding leading-edge, cost-effective solutions to meet the changing safety and comfort needs of our customers.

Our team's primary goal is to provide quality products at competitive prices with the flexibility to meet our customers' needs.

Disposable Non-Woven Mouthpiece Disposable non-woven products mainly used in hospitals, clinics, industrial protection, and food factory protection.

We provide a variety of masks, respirators and face masks for medical and industrial fields. We have American, European FDA and CE certificates. Expect small and medium wholesalers to talk to us!

OEM solutions for disposable non-woven masks

The Wholesale Surgical Mask was originally designed to provide patient protection by containing and filtering droplets containing microorganisms that are expelled from the mouth and pharynx of the healthcare provider during surgery.

However, there are several ways Wholesale Surgical Mask canWholesale Surgical Mask may lead to contamination of the surgical wound.

Surgical masks are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is usually loosely placed over the nose and mouth. These Surgical Masks protect against large coughing or sneezing droplets, splashes or sprays, but not against smaller droplets.

People should avoid sharing these Surgical Masks, which can be used with or without a face mask. Researchers credible sources acknowledge that single-use Surgical Masks are not always feasible, but note that this is preferable because long-term use and reuse may lead to self-contamination.

Surgeons and nurses who perform clean surgical gowns wholesale disposable Surgical Mask to prevent the bacteria they breathe from entering the patient's wound. weikang is a manufacturer of excellent quality disposable masks.

3X the protection for everyday use

Designed for your everyday travels, the Weikang Surgical Mask features self-sterilizing protection, odor protection and over 95% particle filtration efficiency. It's made with breathable, premium filtration materials and comes in 4 signature colors to complement every lifestyle.

Advanced protection and superior comfort wherever you go

Made in China and tested to ASTM standards, our Weikang Surgical Mask is available in two new versions - activated charcoal for absorbing harmful odors and contaminants, and Premium Comfort for ultra-breathability with advanced filtration. now available in a compact package that you can take with you wherever you go.

Medical-grade home protection you can trust

Made in China and tested to ASTM Class 2 standards, the Weikang Surgical Mask is a disposable medical mask that filters 99.9% of harmful bacteria and over 98% of particulates and other harmful particles, providing medical-grade protection for adults and children ages 8 and up.

Wholesale Surgical Mask

The one-way Surgical Mask can stop you from getting covid 19, which means stopping your hands from touching your mouth or nose. In addition to inhaling droplets, you can also get covid 19 by touching any object with the Covid 19 virus (such as a handrail on public transportation) and then touching your face. people often touch their faces without realizing it.

Keep yourself and others safe from infectious diseases with the stylish and effective Wholesale Surgical Mask from Weikang. Made from the smoothest fabrics and expertly designed for an elegant look, these masks ensure that individuals are protected from infections, especially during outbreaks of infectious diseases.

Browse the attractive collection of 3-layer masks for the ultimate protection at an affordable price. Buy now from certified sellers. From party masks to respirators and other personal care products, you can be at Weikang to ensure users are safe and happy. You can browse the extensive catalog to find the right wholesale Surgical Mask for their requirements. these soft and comfortable items are made from a variety of breathable fabrics, from cotton to polyester, and are washable, allowing users to reuse them.

Wholesale Surgical Mask for sale by Weikang

Easily find and buy wholesale Surgical Masks for sale today from only top suppliers at Weikang. save more money by buying bulk Surgical Masks here for your small business, hospital, surgery center, doctor's office, dental office, medical lab, clinical site, university lab, and more. If you need Surgical Mask, no matter what your unique needs are, we can meet them and have a large inventory of all types of Surgical Mask available for shipment.

Why wholesale Surgical Mask online from Weikang?

Supplies are in stock; there is no disappointment after ordering and 90 percent of our customers choose to return regularly.

We are a Surgical Mask supplier.

We offer wholesale Surgical Mask in the smallest sizes online.

With our Wholesale Surgical Mask service, you can save more time and money and solve urgent needs.

Protect yourself from dust, allergens and infectious diseases with these highly effective and sturdy items. Reusable masks have several desirable features as they are machine washable, will not shrink or fade, and come with adjustable drawstrings for a perfect fit.

Choose from a range of elegant visors that are available in a variety of colors, prints, styles and fabrics for optimal comfort and refinement. Custom facemasks are also available to help users match them to their outfits.

How often should I change my Surgical Mask?

I see people wearing Surgical Mask multiple times over, which is a mistake. To minimize hand contamination, you should try to wear the Surgical Mask throughout the day. it is recommended that you change the Surgical Mask every 24 hours, especially if it is visibly soiled or dirty. Between uses, you can store them in a clean paper bag.

Surgical Mask is thought to reduce the number of post-operative wound infections. Improperly worn Surgical Mask may increase wound contamination. A review of trials found no clear evidence that wearing Surgical Mask increased or decreased the number of surgical wound infections. More research is needed.

Surgical masks are sometimes called courtesy masks, suggesting that some people wear them for the same altruistic reason surgeons wear them: to prevent others from infecting them with bacteria. But as operating room studies have shown, this benefit is questionable. Given that many people describe covid 19 as being hit by a truck, it's unlikely that people will be wearing Surgical Masks when they are most contagious (three to four days after symptoms begin) and hanging out around town. They will be curled up in bed, sweating and sore.

Wholesale Surgical Mask Q&A

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