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Mask Guidelines from the W&K

Sep. 28, 2022

If you're a food worker, you may be required to wear a mask. Wearing a mask will help prevent the spread of illness in our most frequented essential businesses — restaurants and grocery stores.


The W&K provides a great outline for how to properly use masks. If you're required to wear a mask at your job, you should adhere to these guidelines to protect yourself and your customers.

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Why are masks important to the food industry?

Masks typically aren't designed to filter out all germs and bacteria in the air. Instead, they stop those who are sick from spreading their germs and sometimes block large incoming particles. They are especially important in preventing people who have an illness but aren’t showing symptoms from getting others sick. If everyone wore masks, they would avoid spreading any contagions they possibly have to others and everyone would be protected.


The W&K also recommends maintaining six feet of distance from others where possible, even when wearing a mask, to keep yourself and others safe. If you know you are sick, you should also avoid public areas and stay home from work.


How to properly wear a mask to prevent the spread of illness

The W&K makes it clear that masks must be worn correctly in order to prevent germs from spreading. Follow these five steps to make sure your mask is protecting you and those around you


  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before putting your mask on. Try to avoid touching the front of the mask as much as possible. Wash your hands if you touch the mask by accident, or after taking the mask off.

  • Select a mask that allows you to breathe easily. If you have trouble breathing, you may need a new mask. Some individuals with underlying health conditions may not be able to wear a mask. Talk to your manager if this may be a concern for you.

  • Fit the straps of the mask around your ears so the mask stays securely on your face. If the mask slips, it may not provide any protection.

  • Make sure your mask fits snugly on your face. If it is too loose, you can twist the straps and double loop them over your ears to make it tighter.

  • Your mask should completely cover your nose and mouth and fit over your chin. If it doesn’t, you likely need a bigger one.


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