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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Face Mask

Jul. 27, 2022

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, face masks have become an indispensable defense item for people traveling around the country and the world.

isposable Civil Face Mask

1. Choose a regular manufacturer

To prevent influenza, we mostly use ordinary skimmed gauze masks or medical protective masks. It is necessary to buy from legal medical stores and outlets or from manufacturers who have health licenses or medical equipment registration certificates.


2. Check the appearance

This is a problem that we tend to ignore when choosing masks. First of all, we should check whether the packaging of the mask is complete and whether there is any damage. The surface of the mask should not have holes or stains. Medical protective masks should not have exhalation valves. The length of the medical protective rectangular mask is not less than 17cm, and the width is not less than 17cm. Another thing to remind you is that if you choose a medical mask, remember that it must be equipped with a nose clip, which is made of bendable plastic material and has a length of not less than 8.5cm.

Disposable Civil Face Mask

3. Choose suitable mask varieties

Medical protective masks should be the first choice for medical workers. Ordinary skimmed gauze masks should be used as the first choice for the general public in their daily lives. On special occasions, such as medical consultations and visits to patients, the general public is best to choose medical masks.

The material used in the mask should be free of odor and harmless to the human body. Especially in the human face contact part of the material should be no irritation or allergic.

4. Choose qualified masks

When choosing a mask, look at the packaging to see if there is a trading name. There is no manufacturer or supplier information. Whether there is a mask certificate of conformity or instructions for use. Disposable masks also have a disposable indication. Reusable medical protective masks also indicate the method of sterilization. Generally speaking, ordinary gauze masks should indicate whether they are ordinary grade or sterilization grade.


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