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Why Do You Need To Wear Dust Masks During Industrial Production?

Oct. 19, 2021

Wear Dust Masks

Industrial dust masks are health protection supplies, how to choose to wear industrial dust masks also need to pay attention to. Choose to wear the right, can play a role in hygiene and health. If you don't choose to wear it properly, it will be like a false sense of security.


Industrial production workers are vulnerable to pneumoconiosis

1. In the machinery manufacturing industry, workers engaged in sand preparation, modeling, as well as sand cleaning, sand blasting and welding, etc.

2. Construction material related workers. 

3.Various mining workers. 3.Various mining workers. 

4. Workers engaged in tunneling and blasting in the construction of railroads, roads, water conservancy and hydropower.

5. In the smelting industry, workers engaged in crushing and screening of ores and transportation.


What kind of dust does the dust mask prevent?

The dust is divided into organic dust and inorganic dust according to its nature, in the production environment to a dust exists less common, most cases for two or more dust mixture, resulting in a very dusty working environment, coupled with the work shop or work environment of the dust removal equipment is less than, so many domestic production enterprises working conditions are particularly harsh environment. Dust can cause respiratory diseases like lung tumors, dust bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, the most serious and most common pneumoconiosis, these are slow onset generally not easy to detect, and some dust containing arsenic, manganese, lead, etc. in the respiratory tract dissolved absorption lead to poisoning, cancer and other mutations.


How to choose dust mask?

1. When choosing an industrial dust mask, you should consider its corresponding application environment, and then choose a mask with corresponding protective effects, such as an operating environment with dust particles in addition to some odors, so you need to choose an industrial dust mask with an activated carbon layer.

2. Look at the protection level

Industrial dust masks are mainly used to filter the fine particles in the air and protect the respiratory safety of workers. KN100 grade is the highest protection grade in China, with 99.97% dust blocking rate for super fine particles, followed by KN95 grade, with 95% filtration efficiency, and the lowest KN90 grade, with only 90% dust blocking rate. Under the premise of ensuring that it does not affect the fluidity of their own breathing, I recommend choosing a dust mask with a high level of protection.

3. Look at the material material

Industrial dust masks are commonly used materials such as rubber, plastic, silicone, etc. When choosing a mask, it is best to choose silicone material, because even if it is worn for a long time, there will be no allergic reaction, not easy to cause facial indentation, more comfortable to wear.

4. Look at the size model

When choosing an industrial dust mask, it is not recommended to choose a universal size. Because the user's face size is not the same, if the size is not suitable, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of dust leakage. It is recommended that the appropriate industrial dust mask should be selected according to the size of the user's face. This can effectively avoid the phenomenon of dust leakage and improve the protection effect.


Select industrial grade protective masks

Most of the current dust filter masks use gauze, foam, thin non-woven fabric, dust filter paper, etc. These can only filter coarse dust such as cement, crop dust, sand and gravel. For the finer lime, soot, carbon black and other dust, the purification efficiency is very low, not to mention the defense of very fine dust, smoke-screen dust, so in many domestic dust-generating industries of industry and mining should not be used. But many domestic mines use cotton gauze and non-woven masks in order to save production costs and such masks have no protective effect on the harsh dust environment, so suitable protective masks should be used.

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