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Applications of CPE Gowns

Oct. 13, 2022

What are CPE Gowns?

CPE Gowns, also known as disposable Gowns, are barrier Gowns made up of chlorinated polyethylene fabric (chlorinated polyethylene). Chlorinated polyethylene is a material that these Gowns are widely used as protection against infection.

Disposable CPE Protection Gown

Disposable CPE Protection Gown

What is the material of CPE Gowns?

CPE Gowns are composed of chlorinated polyethylene films made of LDPE, LLDPE and MLLDPE. their content is thick enough to cover the body and strong enough due to seam sealing. These gowns are available in different thicknesses and sizes, which ensures that Gowns are suitable for a variety of applications. The CPE film is also light enough, but thick enough to act as an effective barrier.

Applications of CPE Gowns

1. Isolation

CPE isolation gowns have been used in virus isolation centers. This has been applied to prevent the spread of the virus between patients and doctors or anyone who comes in contact with them.

2. As a waterproof apron

This is mainly used in the kitchen of restaurants. The gown is waterproof. For this reason, any spills in the kitchen are prevented from splashing water on the cook or the people involved.

3. For food factories

The water repellent feature makes it suitable for this environment. The robe prevents any water from spilling onto the workers. A food factory is a sensitive environment. Any infection can lead to a fatal situation, or worse. This is why CPE gowns can be used in food factories to prevent bacterial infections and spread.

4. Hospitals

In hospitals, surgical gowns are used as protection between the doctor and the patient, that is to say, medical gowns. Accidents in the operating room are not uncommon, and some of them are fatal and involve large amounts of blood spillage. These surgical gowns have blood repellent properties, which makes them effective.

Since it is a hospital, scrubs also serve as a way to prevent infection and maintain hygiene. CPE gowns are used to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses from the doctor to the patient and vice versa.

5. Nursing care

Spreading viruses and germs is safe anywhere, and this is no exception on nursing units. Gowns can be used to prevent any transmission of germs between nurses and patients. Gowns also ensure the hygiene of the nursing unit.

6. Veterinary Clinics

The hygienic needs of the clinic will be met by the CPE gown. This place also needs proper hygiene and CPE gowns are an effective tool to ensure this.

7. Medicine

Since these gowns prevent the spread of viruses, their use in the pharmaceutical industry can be effective in avoiding the spread of germs and bacteria by contact. For pharmacists, they don't appreciate the task of having patients visit them, only to have them go to the doctor themselves. Gowns also help them maintain proper hygiene in their work area.

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