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Disposable CPE Protection Gown

W&K is a manufacturer of non-woven medical consumables in China, targeting professional importers, small wholesalers, Offers a wide ranges of Body protection products in the food industry &Medical,healthcare field.

Size:45” ,60”
Materials:CPE FILM

CPE Comfortable Protective Gowns

In stock - Small orders accepted - Customizable

Our non-surgical AAMI level 1 protection gowns come with a variety of comfort features that will make sure you don’t feel encumbered by their presence. Perfectly sized for ease of use, these medical gowns cover all critical zones, providing enough protection in minimum-risk situations where there’s a low chance of liquids coming into contact with the wearer. When it comes to CPE material, chlorinated polyethylene is an effective blood repellent that is also lightweight, durable and breathable.Specifically created to allow freedom of movement, our gowns come with strong seams and elastic knitted cuffs.

In-stock Parameters

Note: Sooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth and splah resistance for superior protection.

CPEG45Full back,thumb Holes 45Inches L
CPEG60Full back,thumb Holes 60Inches XL

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Things to consider when buying CPE gowns in bulk

1. The quality of the material. You don't want to be stuck with a lot of ineffective protective gowns. (AAMI level 1 cpe medical gowns)

2. Consider whether the gown is approved by the World Health Organization or a public health agency. (Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, EN 13795 certificate)

3. Reusability of the gown. Consider whether the gown can be reused after it has been disposed of. (Single use)


We can provide OEM service for disposable CPE protective clothing, which is manufactured according to the required size and fabric process.

The advantages of W&K OEM CPE Gowns are hygiene, dispatch speed and price. Please leave contact information, our professional staff will contact you the first time!

Use of Sterile Disposable Non-Surgical Drapes

The main difference between surgical and non-surgical gowns lies in the fact that non-surgical ones like ours are lightweight and provide <4.5g spray impact penetration. They are intended for basic hospital and clinic care, protecting the wearer from other influences, and other patients from microorganisms of the wearer. 

Basic protection CPE Plastic disposable Gown with Thumb Holes,which Is ideal for any number of industrial or healthcare applications that require excellent particulate protection and barrier against water-based and non-Hazardous liquids. Disposable non-woven CPE gowns for hospitals, clinics, industrial protection, food factory protection.

This low-level type of protective wear isn’t just reserved for medical personnel – you can also use coveralls for industrial operations, larger business organizations, and even for domestic use.

Important Safety Features for Medical Gowns

At W&K, we are proud to say that we’ve manufactured extremely durable and resistant gowns that passed both the hydrostatic pressure and impact penetration test. While ensuring uncompromising protection in all circumstances that comply with the levels of liquid barrier performance issued by the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), we have obtained bothrelevant CE certification and full FDA clearance.

Our non-surgical PE gowns are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Please note that these gowns have an EN 13795 certificate which is equivalent to low level AAMI hospital gowns.

Features of CPE Gowns

The Gowns provide an effective microbial barrier


Blood repellency

The gowns are disposable

They are breathable due to the polypropylene material

Why Our CPE Gowns


Made from a breathable 100% Virgin CPE Film material

Easy to use and lightweight, allowing optimal freedom of movement

Strong seams for improved durability


Does AAMI level 1 protect from COVID19?

According to the FDA and CDC, all medical personnel should wear PPE (personal protection equipment) and gowns during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are wearing your PPE properly, it is extremely unlikely that you will contract the disease.

What’s the CPE material used for hospital gown manufacturing?

Chlorinated polyethylene is a widely used material because it is waterproof, which is an important trait for medical gowns. Despite being made from plastic, CPE gowns are breathable and light.

Why are medical gowns called non-surgical?

Surgical gowns have to meet certain levels of protection to safeguard the patient withstanding the medical procedure. They have to cover all critical zones, and provide liquid barrier protection to the wearer as well. 

Why should protective hospital gowns be low-linting?

A single lint from a gown can infect patients’ surgical incisions, so it’s standard for hospital gowns to be produced with low-linting materials.

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