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What are Incontinence Underpads?

Mar. 29, 2022

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What are Incontinence Underpads?


Aside from adult diapers, underpads are also one of the most popular and reliable incontinence products of all time. In general, underpads are also termed chucks, and they are small, impenetrable multilayer panels with high leakage absorption, designed to save users from frustrating bed soiling and leak odor. This type of dependable incontinence product is usually placed in various places where it is too embarrassing and humiliating to see leaks, such as underwear or under a bed or chair.

Moreover, just like other types of incontinence products, incontinence pads are manufactured in a variety of grades and capacities, which offer a range of absorbent and leakage protection features. That's why not knowing its different types can lead to inevitable confusion about choosing the best underpads.

Typically, some people suffering from incontinence prefer to still use underpads despite the fact that they are already wearing adult diapers. It happened due to the unfortunate truth that some adult diapers cannot give optimum protection from leaks. Even though quality absorbent overnight diapers are enough to contain incontinence and prevent leakage, underpads are made to add peace of mind to individuals with incontinence.

Basically, underpads are the innovative solution to provide uninterrupted and peaceful sleep to people with incontinence, letting go of their worries and fears about uncomfortable and humiliating diaper leaks. So, it is helpful to learn about the various types of underpads as a guide to choosing what's best. Check them out below.


Types of incontinence underpads

Some incontinence pads provide a great absorbent, while others only offer waterproof benefits. They are also available in three different versions: disposable, washable, and waterproof. Disposable incontinence underpads are usually made of non-woven sheet material with a thin absorbent layer and a plastic waterproof back sheet for leak protection

On the other hand, washable underpads are larger in size and can absorb urine to protect the bed or chair. Their top surface is made from polyester material that can help keep skin dry from urine wetness. They also feature a very absorbent core made from felted or woven fibers and waterproof back sheets for guaranteed leak protection.

If urinary incontinence is the primary concern, the waterproof bed pads offer a solution to avoid any embarrassing and uncomfortable leakage situation. They are popular and widely used to take action in frustrating bedwetting that can inevitably deteriorate the bed's condition and eventually lead to a damaged, useless bed.

With underpads, saying goodbye to frustrating incontinence leakage worries and fears are easy and peaceful. More importantly, they spark positive changes in efficient incontinence management, enhancing the overall quality of life. Also, it is important to mention that there are two options for waterproof bed pads, disposable and reusable, with each offering unique benefits.

Take the disposable waterproof bed pads, for instance. Their impressive quality can provide convenience and a faster drying feeling. Meanwhile, reusable ones prioritize cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly long-lasting use. With that being said, they are best suited for adults with incontinence that have significantly heavy care of the environment.

Now that it is clear about the different types of underpads, it is most suitable to continue discovering how to choose the best among them, especially since there is a wide range of incontinence levels.


Choosing the best underpads

Choosing pads can become an easy task for everyone if they have a guide that leads them to make the most out of their money. Take the suggestions below as a strict guideline, and no one will get their money ripped off. More importantly, these factors will lead to successful incontinence management. See them below:  

Absorbency level

Generally, underpads are additional security against incontinence leaks. However, they won't be enough to do their purpose if their various absorbency levels are not taken into strict consideration. See, underpads feature a wide range of absorbency levels — light, moderate, heavy, or maximum. Choosing this should not be from a guess. Instead, the absorbency level must rely on the volume and flow rate of the user's incontinence.

Users must also decide how frequently they will change the underpads in connection with absorbency. Also, it is necessary to mention that if underpads are primarily needed at nighttime, choose underpads, which are labeled for overnight use, since they feature a higher level of absorbency. Indeed, absorbency level goes hand in hand with the incontinence level and leaks that an adult struggles to deal with effectively.

Moreover, the absorbency level of underpads depends on their filling and material. With that being said, it does not necessarily mean that larger soaker underpads have the best absorbency. Here are some underpads filling to choose from:  

  • Fluff – Underpads filled with fluff provide the lightest absorbency. By that, they are only enough to function as a simple bed protector or as puppy underpads since they can't contain heavier liquid and are best for the slowest flow rate.

  • Polymer – Truly, underpads filled with polymer feature an outstandingly high level of absorbency, best to take moderate to heavy incontinence level. Concerns about absorbency are solved, letting go of worries about leakage.  

  • Fluff and Polymer – Dependable moderate absorbency and high comfortability are what fluff and polymer-filled underpads can offer. With their combination, these fillings can even provide super absorbency with a softer feeling and fit, promoting the best comfort.

Underpad Type

It is already mentioned above the various underpad types. Since there are several options, it is best to reflect on the needs and preferences. With that in mind, no buyer will ever regret their purchase.


Undeniably, diaper leakage doesn't just happen on beds. Even with proper care, it can happen anywhere due to unpredictable consequences. That's why underpads sizes are an important variable to prevent diaper leakage on vulnerable surfaces. Plus, adults with incontinence should know when they use the underpads to follow the correct sizing. An important reminder that underpads must have 6-10 inches of extra space for absolutely complete coverage.


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