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Waterproof Foot Cover, Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover

Waterproof Foot Cover, Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover Soft and Comfortable Watertight Seal, No Harm to Blood Circulation, Non-latex and Reusable, Multiple Sizes are Available, Customizable Colors and Sizes.

Namewaterproof cast cover for shower & bath
Box Size(cm)18*18*3cm
Carton Size62.4*45.4*38.8cm

Product Information

This Waterproof Foot Cover for shower leg injuries is very thin, so it is not recommended for swimming or water sports. The design team's goal was to create a thin, unobtrusive pad that feels comfortable in the shower. Our Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover does not require any additional sealing structures or fasteners to provide a reliable waterproof barrier to your castings.

waterproof foot cover66*44cmCE / ISO13458

Product Advantage

The reusable Waterproof Foot Cover provides full protection against water, sand, dirt and grime and is constructed from a lightweight, durable composite that is leak and tear resistant. The Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover slides easily over most adult castings and secures with a waterproof seal. Perfect for showers, baths, therapeutic treatments and many outdoor activities.

Use a plaster to shower or bathe safely and conveniently:

Easily slide in and secure the Waterproof Foot Cover before bathing or showering to prevent water from damaging the cast and irritating the skin. The composite material is lightweight so you can stand in the shower or on any surface with confidence. The Waterproof Foot Cover is large enough to accommodate most adult leg sizes with cast or synthetic cast.

Reusable Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover:

The reusable Waterproof Wound Care Shoe Cover protects leg casts, bandages, prosthetics, cuts, scrapes, rashes and burns. Durable cast protectors resist water, dust and dirt, ensuring your legs stay dry and clean. Ideal for therapeutic treatments at home or in the hospital, baths, showers and many outdoor activities.

Complete waterproof seal:

Creating a waterproof seal, the leg cast protection uses elastic rubber seals and easy-to-use pull tabs to secure it. The protector is fully sealed to stop water, sand, dirt and grime from damaging the casting and irritating the skin. After each use, the seal regains its shape for extensive reuse.

Durable, lightweight construction:

Constructed from a durable composite material, each seam is reinforced to create a tear- and leak-proof cast protector.



Care Instructions: Use with care around water, can be slippery when wet. With children, adult supervision is recommended. Consult your doctor if the diaphragm causes discomfort or swelling.

Protection: abrasions, burns, casts, cuts, diabetic feet, IV and PICC lines, postoperative incisions, prostheses, vascular compression products.

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